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GRACE Test Program

Through your own experience make sure that GRACE lubricants operate with great efficiency!

GRACE Test Program

GRACE TEST is a testing and checking program of lubricants in order to determine service life of lubricants in engines of machines, mechanisms and equipment. Regular sampling of spent oils and their laboratory investigation allow to monitor changes of current values of oil technical characteristics, determine oil optimum replacement intervals and cut the enterprise’s expenses for lubricants.

GRACE TEST is Grace Lubricants program that allows to expand the Customers base with the help of tests conducted for GRACE lubricants using vehicles/equipment of a potential consumer.

Программа испытаний GRACE Test

Target Audience

GRACE TEST may be used for lubricant analysis on many types of automotive and industrial equipment in such segments of industry as carriage of passengers and goods, mining, forestry, construction, processing and agricultural industry, etc.

Participants of the Program may include:

  • Manufacturing enterprises and automobile operating companies with their own vehicle fleet or equipment
  • Lubricant dealers of GRACE Lubricants Company.
Целевая аудитория

GRACE Test Program Objective

  • Evaluation of lubricant physical and chemical properties retention to increase intervals of use existing at the enterprise
  • Confirmation of lubricant high quality under actual operating conditions when used in the Customer’s equipment
  • Increase in oil replacement intervals
  • Increase in service life of the Customer’s vehicles/equipment
  • Determination of the cost-effectiveness of GRACE high performance and reliable lubricants in use.
Цель программы GRACE Test

Test Results

  • Reception of data on GRACE lubricant efficiency
  • Determination of optimum oil replacement intervals
  • Reduction in costs for the equipment repairs and downtime
  • Reduction in costs for lubricants
  • Improvement of the enterprise’s cost-effectiveness
Результат испытаний